The One Church, One Village ministrys desire is to live out Jesus’s command to “ love your neighbour as yourself ” (Mark 12:31). We want to love those around us the same way the Father loves us.

In Luke 10:27 Jesus says to “ ‘go and do likewise’ ”. We have chosen to obey Jesus’s command and be like the Good Samaritan who went out of his way to serve the injured man. We have chosen to have mercy on those around us, serving and loving them. When Jesus walked the earth, he chose to spend time with the broken, the poor, and the lowly. We too want to follow in His footsteps and do the same. We want to love and spend our time with the least, the poor, the orphans and the widows. We want to serve, love and minister to them like Jesus did.

We aim to demonstrate Jesus’s love in practical ways and help support those who need food, education, medical treatment, clothing and other items.

To give you an idea:

$15-25 will pay a child’s education for a month (fee varies on school age)

$60 will supply a family with rice for one month

$150 will cover the costs of building a toilet

On of our projects is to establish a business to help provide jobs for those struggling to find employment. First up is a honey business which the Bee Blest Charity are helping us set up.

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You can help support the work that comes under Mercy Ministries by partnering with us financially.

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We would love you to visit and see for yourself what God is doing here. Please contact us for more information.

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