Living Water Hostel gathers, trains and equips underprivileged students who desire to be discipled and make disciples.

Living Water Hostel exists for young people wishing to study grade 11, 12 or bachelors, and give them access to better education facilities by providing them their basic needs and accommodation.

Our leaders organise and run discipleship and leadership training for all the students for them to have a greater understanding and knowledge of the Word of God; for their hearts and minds to be transformed by the Word of God; and to raise them up into maturity and commission them to go forth and fulfill the great commission.




Rita is from a rural village and became a Christian when she was a teenager. Unfortunately at the age of 16 she had to stop her education as her father wanted to support his son’s education instead. He wanted her to get married but she wasn’t ready. She spent her time farming the land. Then the local pastor put us in touch with her, and we invited her to come to Living Water Hostel to support her education. Without this support, Rita may have been forced into marriage. She now has the opportunity to study further and she is super grateful as she has dreams of being an engineer which she never thought was possible.


Ram is from a rural village and became a Christian when he was a teenager. Unfortunately growing up he used to regularly skip school to take drugs with his friends. He was addicted to taking drugs. Then one of his family members put us in touch with him, and we invited him to come to Living Water Hostel to support his education and to help him with his addiction. Without this support, Ram may still be addicted to drugs. He now is completely free from drugs, dedicated to his studies and has not missed a day of collage. He dreams of started his own business.

*names and pictures have been changed to protect confidentiality