Our pastors’ greatest desire is to proclaim the Good News and to disciple and teach believers to read, know and live out God’s Word. They challenge believers to willingly surrender everything to God.

Each pastor is responsible for a large congregation that meets in a church building or a house, as well as overseeing and discipling a number of local leaders. Just as the early church, these believers meet together every evening in either the leaders’ home or the church. Many of them are uneducated but are extremely humble and serving.

We have found that sponsoring a pastor is the most effective way at advancing God’s Kingdom in the communities they live in. Many of the pastors, alongside ministry, have to find work to be able to support their family. When you sponsor a pastor it releases and enables them to focus on the ministry that God has called them to do.

$90 will support a pastor for a month.

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$90 will sponsor a pastor, and their family, in full-time ministry. You can help support the pastors by partnering with us financially.

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We would love you to visit and see for yourself what God is doing here. Please get in touch for more information.

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