Our pastors’ and leaders’ greatest desire is to proclaim the Good News and to disciple and teach believers to read, know and live out God’s Word. They challenge believers to willingly surrender everything to God.

Currently there ere are 18 pastors and 146 leaders. Each leader is responsible for a house church in a village. Just as the early church, these believers meet together every evening in the leaders’ homes. Each pastor is responsible for overseeing and discipling a number of these leaders. They are also responsible for a larger congregation that meets in a church building.

We sponsor our pastors and leaders to be able to release them into full time ministry and to release them from the pressure to hsve to find work. Currently we are sponsoring 3 pastors and 2 leaders. Please get in touch with us if you are interesting in sponsoring a pastor or leader. We are sponsoring our pastors $90 per month.

Meet some of the pastors and leaders below:


Pastor: Sankar

Sankar is 21 years old and is an inspiration to all the other pastors and leaders. He was the first believer in his village, and as he lived about 4 hours from nearest church, he was encouraged to start a church of his own. Now there are about 75 believers in his church.


Leader: Ratan

Ratan is only 12 years old and leads a small house church up in the hills. As most of the village’s men had to leave the area to find work, this boy is the only educated person who can read the bible and song books to the group of believers.


Leader: Sita

Sita is 19 years old, and she is the leader of a house church comprising of 16 families. When she was only 14 years old she started leading the house church. One time three elephants came into her village and destroyed several non-believers houses, yet, left the believers’ houses untouched.

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$90 will sponsor a pastor or leader, and their family, in full-time ministry. You can help support the pastors and leaders by partnering with us financially.

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We would love you to visit and see for yourself what God is doing here. Please get in touch for more information.

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