Building Project

Our Vision

  • To have a permanent facility to deliver regular training to the pastors, leaders and believers

  • To create a space for people to come and pray and worship God

  • To have a base to run a discipleship home for those wanting to engage in full time or part time ministry

We intend to build a single story premises divided up into 1 large and 4 smaller rooms. The large room will initially be used for the training school and as a prayer room, while the other rooms will be used for accommodation for discipleship candidates.

Total estimated costs: $18,000 (USD)

  • Foundation and supporting pillars: $12,000

  • Walls: $1,000

  • Roof: $2,000

  • Windows and doors: $1,000

  • Labor: $2,000

If you would like to partner with us and support this building, your generosity will enable us to help us build. Please contact us if you are able to help in any other way.

Money raised to date

prayer, training and discipleship building.PNG
3D prayer, training and discipleship house.PNG