[River of Life Center is currently a building project. At the moment we are using local church building for training]

River of Life Center will consist of a training school, prayer room, and living quarters.

River of Life Center exists to teach and equip underprivileged pastors and leaders who do not have access locally to formal bible training. It is essential that these pastors receive training to equip them to make disciples effectively, plant healthy churches, raise up new leaders, and preach the Word of God without any heresies.

Our leaders run and organise the following training:

  • Bible Training

  • Discipleship and Leadership Training

  • Women’s Conferences

  • Children and Youth Conferences

River of Life Center also exists to create a space set apart for worship and praising our living God 24-7.

River of Life Center exists to provide living quarters for our missionaries and leaders, as well as providing accommodation for our pastors and leaders during training.