The Kunwar’s serve the Lord full time in South Asia (location undisclosed for security reasons). Together they lead the One Church, One Village ministry. From a place of prayer and worship they seek God and desire Him to be at the centre of everything and to be witnesses of God’s love and grace to those around them. The Kunwar’s are raising up pastors, leaders and believers who are living Christ-centred lives.

The Kunwar’s are responsible for the following areas:

Pastors and Leaders
They help disciple and teach the 164 pastors and leaders of the churches, 18 of which are currently undergoing specific training to lead and teach their church effectively. More info

They organise, lead and provide conferences and training sessions for the pastors and leaders to teach them about the Word of God. More info >

They aim to build a prayer room, a training school and a discipleship home. More info >

Discipleship Home
They help lead a discipleship homes for young men and women, who are in further education in the city. They also wish to establish one in the village. More info >

Mercy Ministry
They are loving and serving the local community especially the poor, and the broken. They have plans to start a business to provide jobs for those struggling to find employment. More info >

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You can help support the work that The Kunwar's do by partnering with us financially.

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If you would like to know more about what the Kunwar’s are doing or would like to come and visit, please get in touch.

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